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About Us

We believe that truly great content and service is rare. Like the rarest naturally occurring element on the periodic table, Astatine, represented by its atomic number, 85, we understand how hard it is to create content that delivers in a world of fake news, alternative facts and copy-and-paste PR.

Who are we?

Angelique Ruzicka


Rare85 is the brainchild of award-winning editor and journalist. Angelique is an internationally recognized leader in content development. She was recently the editor of Justmoney and Moneybags. However now she contributes to numerous print, TV and radio properties. Her vast experience in the areas of consumer journalism, consumer and B2B PR and content conceptualisation has seen her lead the editorial teams at numerous titles in her 17 year career, spanning the UK, Europe, and South Africa. To find out more about Angelique please visit her personal site

Rare85 draws from Angelique’s focus on personal finance journalism, PR and digital content generation and adds the experience and skills of a vast network of content writers, designers and media professionals.

Angelique is personally involved in the assessment of all client needs and provides her consultation for free on the commencement of any package or brief.

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